A Piece of Good Land

The district of the Shire of Dandaragan in Western Australia is steeped in wonderful history. In 1955, Ron and Val Carter took up location 3757 at the western end of Bibby Springs and Cadda Road. It was virgin scrubland. They established their property over a period of twelve years by travelling up from Meckering for a week or two each year to carry out clearing, fencing and cropping before living on the property permanently from 1967. 

This is their story of courage, faith, family and a hard working community that never gave up. 

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Things that You will
Learn from the Book


Apparently, Laurie had slipped on some rocks and went rolling down the mountain until he came to rest against a blackboy.


He never spoke much about what he had experienced, only mentioning that Fred had died some days before the Bradleys found him.


Later in the night, the photographer set up behind the stage. I was very thrilled when Ron asked me to have our photos taken together.

A Message from the Author

This is my story of farming, family and faith.  It is the story of acquiring virgin land so we could have a farm to call our own.  It is also the story of the Catholic faith my parents instilled in me; the faith Ron and I had in each other to tackle this massive undertaking- turning 3600 acres of bush into a viable farm – and the faith we had in the farming industry in those early .

Families around us were also having similar experiences, similar struggles and successes – whether they were minor events, major setbacks, tragedies or achievements. 

A Piece of Good Land is the story of our shared experiences in this close-knit community.

I have been driven to chronicle Ron and my experience of developing a farm, raising a family and our association with the people we met along the way. My objective is to share the experiences of our family on that conditional purchase block of virgin land in the Badgingarra district, in those early years of development, which is now part of the thriving Shire of Dandaragan

What readers are saying...

Sheila - from Canada

Your book was a good read. It’s amazing some of the similarities between your experiences and Hugh’s and mine.

Joy - from Sydney, outback tour friend and avid book worm

Just to let you know the book caused me to lose two days just before we left for our time in NZ. It is riveting reading, and seems to gather momentum and its own rhythm ...very compelling and absorbing. I think the way you have allowed the various voices to be heard and structured the appendixes was a great solution.
Every good wish.

Gary, Val's nephew

I thought your book was a fantastic read and even though I am of the era that knows how tough people did things back in the day
There were things that I never knew about which added to the read I think, I found myself waiting to pick the book up again to see what was happening at Four Corners!! Also, the struggle you had with the conditions that were placed on the purchase contract.I especially liked reading about Granddad Shehan and Uncle Ron's Father with their thoughts and ideas about it all.


I have just finished reading your book, ' A Piece of Good Land.' I want to congratulate you on writing such an enjoyable read. It is a great effort on your part and I know Ron would be so proud of you.


Loved your book, Val. It was a love story.

Bob Sheppard - Archaeologist and Historian

" Val Carter's important work helps fill the gap in recording the social history of land settlement in the Mid-West "