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A trip to the Cervantes Historical Society

Another trip to the country. This time to attend the Cervantes Historical Society ‘Pop Up’ Exhibition, which they held over two weekends. They arranged this to attract visitors over the long weekend and the following weekend when the local Football Club were celebrating their 30th Anniversary. The Society is raising money to establish a Museum to house their amazing collection of cray-fishing artefacts and other pieces of earlier times. The collection of photos displayed and captioned in attractive and easy to view albums.


I was able to achieve something I have wanted to do for a long time. With the help of Shire Staff, I revisited Fatfields limestone cottage, the cottage Old Fred took us to in 1964. The picture shows the original two rooms that had been tucked away in the scrub, and he used it for his camp when he was checking or mustering cattle near the coast. The cottage is now part of new development near the Hill River.

When we saw it there only two rooms; a kitchen with an open hearth for cooking and a bedroom. It has now been renovated and more rooms added, keeping the style of the original style and limestone walls. Details in the additions were noticed by my friend, Bernadette who was taking the trip with me, noticed that even the brass light switches were in keeping with the era.

We had the pleasure of staying in a B & B that has been established on the property north of Four Corners, mine hosts Dennis and Anne Murray. It was a delightful property with a homely atmosphere, beautiful views over the farm and the Indian Ocean. The first evening we were there, Anne and Dennis suggested that we might like to look to the northwest to see the Jurien Bay lights, and perhaps we would see the Fireworks display that was scheduled at 8.30 pm. Sure enough, we were able to see, way in the distance the Football Club’s Fireworks Show.


We set out for Moora, without any firm travel arrangements, except to go on to Geraldton where I was to deliver two books to the Greater Geraldton Library and arrange for an interview with a journalist from the Geraldton Guardian local newspaper. I had an appointment with the Gingin Community Resource Centre for Friday morning to give an ‘Author’s talk’’


It was very distressing seeing the very dry and dusty paddocks through the Mid – West Wheatbelt in the Watheroo, Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs, and Mingenew. We decided to stop at Dongara for the night after visiting the Community Resource Centre and Irwin Historical Society, where we were able to leave some books to be sold on consignment.

It was ironic that over the two nights we spent in Geraldton, there was rain, good soaking rain. Unfortunately, we heard that it did not reach the farmers where we had just traveled. After one of the best years experienced in those areas last year, it must be heartbreaking for them to see those brown dusty paddocks. It brought back memories that I would rather not be reminded of.


Events at the Retirement Village on my return has kept me busy other than promoting A Piece of Good Land.


I have accepted an invitation to speak to a group, Wider Vision Bassendean, a Senior group that meets each week to listen to subjects that interest them. That is being arranged for early August.

It has been interesting and somewhat nostalgic for Bernadette (who also has a rural background) and me to visit these Wheatbelt towns we may have visited years ago or perhaps had only heard of them.



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