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Autumn is here

Autumn is here, we can feel the change and chill in the air most mornings and evenings. A few warmer days between some more pleasant cooler ones. It is twenty-seven years since I left Four Corners, but can still relive what would have been happening at whatever time of the year it is. Autumn would bring the joy of seeing the first new born lambs, and baby calves.

Ron and I would have a competition each year to report who had noticed the first one running around the paddock. Sometimes there would be some green grass for the mothers, but often the paddocks would be dry and almost screaming out for the opening rains. When the rain came, it would be a matter of days before the paddocks took on a green tinge and slowly getting greener. Then we would be looking at the sky waiting for the next rain to water the clover and other grasses, precious feed for our sheep and cattle.

Autumn was also the time of the year when the whole farm, cleared paddocks would receive their top dressing of superphosphate. So, the smell of the dust would be in the air. During these balmy days every year, I can’t help but wonder what is being done at Four Corners and other farms that surrounded us during those years.

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