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The book is in my hand.

The boxes of the published, printed version of ‘A Piece of Good Land’ was delivered early October, 2016. I thought that once that happened my part was done. Not so! Have you ever lived on or relied on a farm for your livelihood? Until 1990 I had never had any other life, except for three years in a boarding school.

I want others to share in this experience, not at all unique, but an example of how life was for we new land settlers and young families in the 1950s and 60s through to the 1980s and 90s. My late husband, Ron and I tried to start to record our shared life. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much recorded before he passed away suddenly in 1996. At last after twenty years of stops and starts the words were on paper. Reliving those experiences were at times therapeutic, at times painful, but most of the time it was a feeling of elation.

So now that the books have been printed, with the help of my editor and administrator, Shoma, we are plunging into the unknown field of promoting this publication. We might see you somewhere during this venture. Watch out for an update next week.

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